Nigerian Filmmaker lauds Netflix, Amazon Prime for promoting film industry

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Nigerian Filmmaker, Deji Pillot, has complimented the streaming platforms, Netflix and Amazon Prime, for providing enabling environment for Nigerian filmmakers to tell diverse stories that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of the nation.

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The CEO of Deji Media Ltd, said this on Thursday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.

“With streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Nigerian filmmakers are poised to continue captivating audiences’ worldwide and bringing Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry to the forefront of global cinema.
“These platforms have injected a fresh wave of investment into Nollywood, allowing us to elevate our production values, experiment with diverse narratives, and showcase our stories to a global audience.”

According to him, “the collaboration with streaming platforms has opened doors for Nigerian filmmakers to reach a vast international audience,” he said.
When asked about the future trajectory of Nollywood and its global standing, he said, “The future holds immense promise for Nollywood.
“As our storytelling matures and our technical prowess reaches new heights, we are poised to capture a wider international audience.”
“The narratives we craft, the emotions we evoke, and the cultural richness we embody will propel Nollywood to become a recognised global cinematic force,” he said.
According to Pillot, he planned to further enhance his filmmaking skills at the prestigious New York Film Academy, to enrich the local film scene.
He further explained that his project plans in crafting top-notch cinematic content will resonate deeply with movie enthusiasts worldwide.
“Our mission with Deji Media LTD is to transcend mere entertainment. We aspire to create experiences that linger in the hearts of our audience.
“Our coming projects won’t be just another film but a testament to the power of innovative storytelling that draws from a rich tapestry of experiences and cultures.
“We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering unmatched quality in every aspect – be it narratives, production values, or talent collaborations. Our pursuit of excellence knows no bounds,” he said.




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