Odinga condemns invasion of Kenya ex-leader’s farm

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Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga has condemned the invasion of the property of the former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Ralia Odinga said he believed the attack was carried out by “goons” hired by the government.

Mr Kenyatta is an ally of Odinga. Lately the second day of anti-government protests called for by Mr Odinga over claims he was cheated at the last election was organised, against rising living costs in the country.

The looting of Mr Kenyatta’s large farm is seen as retaliation for his support for Mr Odinga.

More protests have been planned, the next on Thursday. But the government has condemned the violence and disruption caused by the demonstrations.

Mr Odinga has said he bears no responsibility for destruction of property by protestors, and defended the constitutional right to demonstrate.

He says it’s unfortunate that journalists were targeted by police and protesters during the course of Monday’s protests.

He criticised some of President William Ruto’s economic policies saying even though the cost of living is a universal problem, many countries have tried to cushion their citizens due to the global recession, but the Ruto administration has removed subsidies and citizens are now suffering more.

Kenya’s Supreme Court dismissed Mr Odinga’s case challenging his election loss last August, but he still insists the ruling was influenced


BBC/Jide Johnson.

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