PAN warns farmers against antibiotics use in bird rearing

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The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Lagos State chapter, has warned farmers against the use of antibiotics in rearing birds.

PAN Lagos State Chairman, Mr Mojeed Iyiola, said this in an interview on Friday, that poultry farmers must desist from the use of antibiotics on their birds to get local egg powder acceptable in international markets.

He also commended the Agro Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support (APPEALS), Lagos State, for setting up an egg powder production factory in the state.

“We commend Lagos APPEALS project for the successful set up of the egg powder production factory which has helped to solve an age-long problem of the sector,” Iyiola noted.

“APPEALS have helped reduce the annual incidences of egg-glut in the state via its sponsorship of a formidable egg powder production factory in Ikorodu.

“Before now, during seasons of egg-glut farmers bury over 2,000 eggs weekly and incur a lot of losses.

“However, we warn local farmers to desist from the use of antibiotics in grooming their birds to enable our egg powder gain entrance into the international markets.

“We have a role to play in the acceptability of our egg powder by international companies. Instead of antibiotics, we counsel our farmers to make use of probiotics,” the PAN Chairman said.

According to him, local farmers have a role to play in the acceptability of their egg powder internationally to boost productivity and profitability.

“To avoid residue antibiotics in our egg powder, we must desist from its usage in our farms, for human health and to increase our profitability in the sector.

“We want local egg powder to match up with international demand. And the only way we can do that is to avoid the use of antibiotics.

“In lieu of the provision of the egg powder production factory, we will train our members on how to produce egg powder and cut losses,” Iyiola said.

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