Qatargate: Two MEPs Lose Immunity in Corruption Case

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Two MEPs have had their legal immunity lifted by European lawmakers, following a request by Belgian authorities investigating a corruption scandal that has rocked the European Parliament.

Italian Andrea Cozzolino and Belgian Marc Tarabella deny wrongdoing.

The Qatargate affair unfolded when a Greek lawmaker and three other suspects were arrested on suspicion of corruption and money-laundering.

One of the suspects then agreed to “tell all” as part of a plea deal.

Pier Antonio Panzeri is alleged to have led a network that took bribes from Qatar and Morocco in return for influencing the European Parliament. Some €1.5m (£1.3m) was recovered in cash in a series of raids in Brussels and Italy.

Both Qatar and Morocco have strenuously rejected allegations that they sought to gain influence over MEPs. However, prosecutors said Mr Panzeri had admitted “criminal responsibility.

Mr Tarabella’s home was raided last month when Belgian police detained the four suspects. Prosecutors then asked the parliament to lift his immunity from prosecution as well as Mr Cozzolino’s. Both men were members of the parliament’s centre-left Socialists and Democrats grouping.

The votes happened with little ceremony in a matter of seconds when lawmakers began a session of the European Parliament on Thursday morning. MEPs simply raised their hands as the details were read out.

Marc Tarabella attended the vote himself, making his way through a scrum of reporters as he headed into the chamber. Afterwards he told me he had voted to waive his immunity in order to “be able to respond to the investigators’ questions and help authorities shed light on this affair.”

According to the parliament report on Mr Tarabella, he is suspected by investigators of backing “certain positions within the European Parliament in favour of a third country in return for cash payments” for two years. Testimony against him suggests several payments totalling €120,00-€140,000, the report adds.

 Belgian police released pictures of the cash seized in raids in Brussels in December

Of course I deny any wrong,” Asked if had ever taken money to influence proceedings in the European Parliament he said: “Never in my life!” Reports said.

The parliament’s report on his Italian colleague cites investigators alleging participation in a criminal organisation and money laundering. Mr Cozzolino’s lawyers said last month that he was innocent and that he had carried out political activity in a “free and transparent way, having nothing to do with the crimes being investigated.

He resigned last month as head of the parliament’s delegation that works with the Maghreb nations, including Morocco.




BBC /Shakirat Sadiq

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