Shun unhealthy foods, Nigerian Physician warns

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A physician, Dr. Isaac Ayodele, has cautioned against unhealthy foods, revealing that some of these foods kill rather than heal. Ayodele who is a public health expert and  herbal psychotherapist said this during an interview urging all to be health-conscious at all times.

He also stated that one’s state of health significantly depends on the category of food they eat. “If you consume unhealthy foods that kill, you will surely shorten your life… It is unfortunate that a lot of people, who should enjoy their lives today, are patients at nursing homes” he said.

He further added that pleasure is better and rewarding in moderation.The public health expert also said that festive periods are the times people abuse food the most, advising against over indulging.

“It is true that food has become a universal tool of diplomacy to bring people of diverse cultures together.” he said. He however advised that those with eating disorders, psychological, and emotional addictions should seek help.

Vanguard/ Wumi Sam/S S