Sustaining The Gains Of Ramadan

By Yinka Salaam, Osogbo

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Nigerians are joining other Muslims across the world to celebrate Eid Al- Fitr, which signals the end of one month fasting in the holy month of Ramadan.

Fasting in the glorious month came with so many bounties, benefits and opportunities. These include but not limited to physical, spiritual, social, economic, and political gains.

Medical reports show that abstinence from eating, drinking and other pleasures for a month leads to improved health conditions, just as it enhances a healthy nation. The Digestive System does not only take a good rest, the entire body mechanism also experiences an overhaul, metabolically and otherwise. In Ramadan, fasting Muslims do shun consumption of junks. They often consume fresh fruits, vegetables and good foods which impacts on their records at the hospitals, because they are less likely to fall ill. In Muslim communities, bars and beer parlours rarely record heavy customers. Hence, the consumption of alcoholic drinks, varying forms of intoxicants and other harmful substances are reduced to the barest minimum.

Socially, relationships and bonding within families become more enhanced during Ramadan with members who are hitherto night crawlers, partaking in sumptuous predawn and evening meals. This enables family heads to pay more serious attention to moral, academic and physical as well as spiritual needs of the children.

Ramadan also provides churches and non-Muslim organizations as well as political leaders to host fasting Muslims to Iftaar –which means, breaking of fast. Inter-family and communal relations also get a boost as joint or communal breaking of fast get more frequent in Ramadan. Similarly, dwindling social vices as well as other related offences are enviable gains of Ramadan that must be sustained.

Spiritually, worshippers have gone through a month of spiritual rebirth, and have subsequently moved close to Allah, as expected. This has drastically improved God consciousness and dutifulness. They are now used to waking up at nights in worship and have subsequently moved away from crimes.

Economically, because of the influence of Ramadan, Muslims became more intense in observing ethical conduct and global best practices in trading by allowing the fear of God to guide their conducts and refusing to allow lies or falsehood to affect their merchandising. Hence, it is encouraged that they strive to maintain the status quo and refuse to revert to old ways or unethical conducts now that Ramadan is over.

Politically, Muslim nations became more united, just as hitherto warring nations and countries with diplomatic row have taken advantage of Ramadan to mend fences. The recent resumption of diplomatic relationship between two sworn enemies: – Saudi Arabia and Iran is a testimony to this fact. This is indeed a boost to global peace. Countries across the world such as Russia, Ukraine, the EU, US, China, UK and Taiwan amongst others should therefore take a cue from the display of uncommon courage by Saudi and Iran in the overall interest of global peace.

There is no doubt that if all sustain the gains of Ramadan, not only will there be brotherly love and harmony amongst all, the world will be a better place for humanity to thrive and develop.

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