Women Council Visits Kwara State First Lady



The National President of the National Council for Women Societies (NCWS) Nigeria, Hajia Lami Lau has led a delegation to pay a courtesy visit to the wife of the Kwara State Governor, Ambassador Professor Olufolake Abdulrazaq.

Mrs Abdulrazaq is the Chairperson of the Nigeria Governors’ Wives Forum, NIGWF.

During the visit in Abuja, Hajia Lau acknowledged the pivotal role of the NIGWF in promoting gender equality and social progress.

She congratulated the First Lady and her fellow First Ladies for their tireless work.

She referred to the NIGWF as a platform to mobilize resources, share best practices, and amplify the voices of women and girls for change in Nigeria.

The Society’s President also expressed gratitude to the First Ladies for Society’s the honour to serve as patrons of the NCWS in their respective states.

Hajia Lau emphasised the NIGWF’s dedication to championing women’s causes, promoting gender equality and empowerment, and improving socioeconomic opportunities for women and the girl child holistically.

She reiterated that NCWS stands united in a mission with the NIGWF towards empowering women for sustainable development.

In her response, Ambassador Olufolake Abdulrazaq who is a Professor expressed gratitude for Hajia Lau’s visit and lauded the NCWS for their numerous contributions to women’s rights and empowerment.

She commended their pioneering advocacy, education, and empowerment programmes that have liberated women from the shackles of inequalities and discrimination.

Ambassador Abdulrazaq also praised the NCWS’s role in reshaping the nation’s political landscape and inspiring women to participate in decision-making processes.

Furthermore, Ambassador Abdulrazaq recognized the NCWS’s dedication to community development and healthcare initiatives, which has positively impacted grassroots communities across the nation.

She further urged the NCWS to amplify their voices jointly with NIGWF for greater impact in the spheres of education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and creating an inclusive environment where every woman and girl child can thrive.

The Nigeria Governors’ Wives Forum and the National Council for Women’s Societies stand united in their mission to advance women’s rights, gender equality, and socio-economic progress in Nigeria.




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