Advocacy Group Backs Tinubu-Shettima for 2023 Presidency

By David Adekunle, Lagos

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An advocacy group,’Patriots’ has promised to suppoort and mobilise voters for the 2023 Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu and Kashim Shettima.

National coordinator of the group, Prince Uthman Sodipe-Dosunmu, at a press conference held in Lagos State, promised to mobilise members for the APC presidential candidate across the six states of the Southwest region of Nigeria.

Prince Sodipe-Dosunmu disclosed that the group have decided to pitch camp with the Tinubu – Shettima ticket based on the vision about the indivisibility of the Nigerian Union, predicated on the equity and fairness, resolved on a unifying accomodation of all members of the diverse union, without favouritism to any tribe or sectarian recourse.

According to him, “we will engage without bias, we will debate without malice, we will tussle in the intellectual fray of ideas and idealism with purposeful patriotic largeness.

” We will, henceforth, advocate with vigorous assertion as an independent support group for Tinubu-Shettima dream ticket, ultimately believing that this dynamic duo is borne upon an inherent undying idealism that will heal the broken  places, that will rectify the ancient wrongs, that will mend the wounds of old, and God’s willing, pull our nation out of the present  challenges. 

The journey ahead will be tough and tasking, there will be naysayers and malignant agents of envy and recidivism. There will be provocateurs of ruin pretending salvaging emblems. We are ready, we are proven, steadfast,focused and firm, unyielding in this patriotic grapple,” he stated.

Prince Sodipe-Dosunmu noted that “Patriots” is a pan Nigeria group that would continue to assist government in terms of advocacy, economy, security and synergy.

He added that the distinctive manner of the group was to engage Nigerians across the zones intellectually through the media, stakeholders engagement among other platforms.


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