AMAC Chairman signs Council’s 2021 budget into law

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja

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The Executive Chairman of Abuja Municipal  Area Council (AMAC) in the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory administration, FCTA, Abdullahi Adamu Candido has assented to AMAC 2021 budget into Law. 
While signing the appropriation bill into Law in the council Legislative chamber, Candido thank the AMAC budget office and the legislators for doing the needful.
Candido who noted that the 2021 budget is a projection, he called on all management staffs to join hands together in actualizing the budget which is targeted for completions of uncompleted projects and payment of liabilities.
The Chairman also called on Federal  Capital Territory  Administration (FCTA) to recognise Area Councils as integral part of the FCTA established by law as an organ of  government with democratically elected leaders, adding that there is need for the two sister organs to work in synergy.
He reiterated that,  “we are not agencies or parastatals under FCTA, but an organ of government established by law to operate as the third tier of government”.
He also pleaded to FCTA to release the Area Councils share of the IRS as stated by the constitutions.
Candido further urged FCTA to put in place template and measures that would monitor and supervise the resources allocated to the Area Council but not allowing the fund to be laying down.
He then called on the National Assembly as statutory body responsible for making laws to encourage development in the rural communities.
The 2021 budget of resilliant has ₦10,197, 228, 268 (Ten Billion, One Hundred and Ninty Seven Thausand, Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Naira, Two Hundred and Sixty Eight Kobo only).


Capital expenditure stand for ₦5,80,357,232 (Five Hundred Million, Eight Hundred and One Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty Seven Naira, Two Hundred and Thirty Two Kobo only) while Current expenditure stand for ₦4,395,871,034 (Four Hundred Million, Three  Hundred and Five Thousand, Eight Hundred  and Seventy One Naira, Thirty Four Kobo Only).

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