Burkina Faso residents welcome French military exile


People in Burkina Faso have broadly welcomed plans by the military government to oust French troops within a month.

The state broadcaster announced the move on 21st January saying the decision had been made to end the presence of France’s military on Burkinabe soil.

It follows mass protests in the capital Ouagadougou demanding the French exit.

Student, Anicet Ouédraogo, said: “It’s a very nice initiative. I would even say that they were late. It was necessary to do it very early because at present we need frank partners who can really work with Burkina Faso.”

Another Ouagadougou resident, Balamoussa Coulibaly, added:  “Their presence has no value. That is, they are not making any effort to get us out of this crisis. 

So, I think we need a change, and at all levels. So I think that their departure is a good decision on the part of his Excellency Captain Traoré.”

Adama Tapsoba simply said, “They just have to leave then, they just have to leave us alone and then we only want peace. Nothing but peace.”

More than 60 years after Burkina Faso’s independence, France has maintained strong economic and humanitarian aid ties with its former colony.

But many have lost patience with France.


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