COP27 demonstrators demand compensation for climate action


Demonstrators called on wealthy and most polluting nations to pay fair compensation for the global impacts of the climate crisis.

Chanting “pay up for loss and damage” and “no more bla bla bla”, the small group was led by seven activists.

Outside the Egyptian resort hosting the COP27, they participated in a Fridays for Future protest calling for money for climate action

Ina Maria Shikongo, a climate activist and member of Fridays for Future organization was one of them.

“We have to stop fossil fuel extraction not only for Africans but for the entire planet and that is what the people need to realize, this is not just an African issue anymore or Global South issue”, she said.

“This is an issue that is actually affecting humanity.”

Demonstrations had been slightly muted at the United Nations climate summit so far.

Friday has become a day for climate protests worldwide since Swedish activist Greta Thunberg launched the Fridays for Future movement in 2018.

To finance climate adaptation, some developing countries rely on loans which have citizens worried about the burden of debt.

For the sake of climate justice others, including the UN chief urged wealthier countries to meet their financial commitments to back other nations.


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