FCT Road Traffic Chief Slams International Traffic Report

By Hudu Yakubu

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The Squadron Leader and National Coordinator of Road Traffic and Vehicle Inspection Officers Mayors in the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Yusuf John Suberu, has expressed his criticism towards the International Traffic Observation Initiative.

The organisation released a report highlighting several issues within the FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS), including alleged lopsidedness in the appointment of sectional heads, the use of casual staff, and deviation from constitutional roles

The DRTS is responsible for various public services such as driver’s license issuance and number plate registration and has been praised for its efficient operations.

Dr Suberu dismissed the claim of an imbalance in appointments, asserting that the present leadership structure represents a fair distribution across Nigeria’s geopolitical zones.

He said “The commercial division for instance, is headed by someone from the North Central, while the Northwest oversees motor vehicle administration.

“Additionally, the DTT division is led by a representative from the North Central and the SERVICOM division is headed by a Southeasterner.

“The South Easterners hold key positions in the finance, administration, and public relations divisions.

“Moreover, the legal division is headed by an individual from the North Central, and the deputy director of operations hails from the Southwest.

“This diversity exemplifies adherence to the principles of true federal character.”

Addressing concerns over casual staff, Dr Suberu acknowledged the presence of some individuals who do not uphold their duties adequately.

However, he assured that efforts are being made, under the supervision of the director and area commanders, to identify and rectify such cases.

It should be noted that the issue of touting within the DRTS predates the current director’s tenure. The intelligence and provost department has been diligent in apprehending those involved in the production of counterfeit documents and number plates,” he said.

Ongoing Reforms in the Directorate

Contrary to calls for a complete overhaul of the directorate, Dr Suberu argued that such action is unnecessary at this time due to ongoing reforms initiated by the director.

As the representative of NGOs/CSOs on road safety matters in Nigeria, he emphasised the strong and collaborative working relationship between his group and relevant government traffic agencies, including the DRTS, BIOS, and the FRSC

While acknowledging the right of the International Traffic Observation Initiative to raise concerns, Dr Suberu believes it is important to respond and provide a more balanced perspective.

“Notably, the DRTS, in conjunction with the Ministerial Task Team, Civil Defence, DSS, Police, and other stakeholders, has been actively conducting operations against tricycle and motorcycle riding in the city centre.

“Under the leadership of Dr Bello, the department has achieved significant milestones, leading to recent recognition awards from the FCTA for the heads of the team,” he added.




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