Gambian President Barrow elects for second term

Hauwa Mustapha

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President Adama Barrow from The Gambia won a second term in power after election results were announced late on Sunday.

Barrow garnered more than 53% of the vote according to the electoral commission.

Turnout out on Saturday’s election stood at 87%.

Speaking to his supporters, Adama Barrow promised a brighter future for the country.

“I will be the lucky person to be chosen by you. I sincerely assure you, each and every one of you, that I will do all I can and utilise every resource at my disposal to make The Gambia a better place for us all” said the president.

Adama Barrow faced five challengers in this election.

Before the results were announced, three of Barrow’s rivals rejected partial results that gave him an early lead.

On hearing the results, Gambians celebrated on the streets of Banjul.

“Barrow will develop the country again, because Barrow will build new roads, new bridges, and Gambian people will have peace and love and harmony. There is no more dictatorship in the Gambia”, said Siri Jallow, a Barrow supporter.

This election was seen as a crucial test for the country’s democracy taking place five years since the former dictator Yahya Jammeh lost to Adama Barrow in 2016 and had to be forcibly removed from power.

The tourism dependent economy was seriously affected by the pandemic.



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