Kyiv Damaging Dam Physically Impossible, Says Zelensky

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says it would have been “physically impossible” for the Kakhovka dam to have been blown up from outside its immediate area. It’s not yet been established what caused the dam to be destroyed.

He says in a tweet that Russia has controlled the dam and its surrounding region for more than a year, and adds that the dam “was mined by Russian occupiers,” and “they blew it up”.

Zelensky, who earlier warned that as many as 80 towns and villages were at risk of flooding in the region, says the world must react to Russia’s aggression.

The BBC has not been able to verify who damaged the dam yet. However, satellite images show the extent of the damage to the Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant and the area around it.

BBC/Jide Johnson.

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