Somaliland raises $23m to rebuild Waheem market

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A total of $23 000 000 has been raised so far for the rebuilding of Waheem market in Somaliland which was guttered by fire in early April, the president announced in his final state of the nation address in his ending term of office.

The fire destroyed properties worth up to $2 billion, according to local officials in the autonomous region of Somalia.

The Somali region of Somaliland subsequently launched an international appeal to urgently deliver humanitarian and livelihood support.

“The committee has thus far received donations from Djibouti, Taiwan, Somalia and the World Bank.” President Muse Bihi said.

Whiles the country continues to gather support from external sources, four provision markets have already been set up.

Bihi’s address covered the economy, security, upcoming elections, droughts, and foreign policy.

On elections, the president noted the licenses of the current political parties will expire in December while the Presidential election will take place in November and the election of the new political associations is controversially expected this year.

The President said the country is facing a new challenge of holding the two elections within a short time.

He advised stakeholders to engage in the national consultation on this matter to find solutions as the two elections are mandatory.


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