Ukraine Nurse cares for surrogate babies in Kyiv amid conflict

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Ukrainian nurse, Oksana Martynenko and her colleagues have 21 babies to look after at a makeshift clinic in a residential basement on the outskirts of Kyiv as their parents cannot come to get them due to the conflict.

“It is not their fault that it happened, it is not their fault that their parents cannot come to take them.

”So we stay here, we are coping and helping them with what we can,” she added.

Martnenko whose children are in the region around Sumy, a city about 200 miles (320 km) east of the capital which has been bombarded by Russian forces.

According to her, it’s too harmful to attempt to attain them, so they’re dwelling with their grandmother.

“We have not been in a position to get dwelling since Feb. 24.

 “I’m from Sumy area, however I can’t go there. I have kids at dwelling, the Russians began to bombard our city yesterday. We await information on daily basis about what is occurring there, however we can’t depart these infants,” she said.

Martynenko called her family to know if they’re secure and whether or not they managed to sleep at evening.

Ukraine is a global surrogacy hub, involving 1000’s of infants annually in regular occasions, in keeping with some estimates, lots of them taken overseas by foreigners.

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