Adanian Labs Leverages Capacity Building To Drive Tech Revolution

By Emmanuel Ukoh

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Ahead of the upcoming Lagos Economic Summit ‘Ehingbeti 2022′ Adanian Labs a leading Pan African venture building studio has held a public discourse with the theme ‘Leveraging Capacity Building To Drive The Emerging Technology – 4th Industrial


The discourse which is part of the larger initiative of the Lagos Economic summit themed ‘EHINGBETI LAGOS’ offers a unique opportunity for policymakers, governments, private sector players, development partners, and other stakeholders to share insights that can help the Lagos State government focus on areas that concern the citizens, investors, and businesses with positive results achieved.

The event had in attendance the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, Project Manager, and CTO Space Universe Biyi Akangbe, stakeholders, and tech enthusiasts.

Welcoming the speakers and guests to the discourse, the Country Head, Adanian Labs Nigeria, Killian Mayua said the Lab wants to be a frontrunner and major driver in emerging technology development in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.

Mayua said; “As a leading technology hub, the lab wants to be at the forefront of public discourse in leveraging on building capacity for emerging technology in light of the upcoming EHINGBETI summit.”

He identified brain drain as one of the challenges confronting youths and tech developers in Nigeria.

According to him, so many challenges abound for tech developers or startups in Nigeria.

Maya said; “As a tech startup in Nigeria, you’re at a disadvantage when you find yourself competing with companies like Google, Apple, and so on for the services of developers who are paid higher by these companies.

This scenario is what makes Nigeria miss out on leveraging in building her human capacity to drive emerging technology as our best brains services are being pilfered outside the shores of the country.”

He advocated for more homegrown tech startups.

Brain Gain

However, while speaking on the theme especially as the ‘summit’ draws near, the Lagos State Commissioner of Health Prof. Abayomi said the brain drain when critically viewed is brain gain.

“What we don’t know is that the so-called brain drain can be brain gain. Those who leave the shores of the country do return with a wealth of ideas and knowledge which can be reinvested into the economy. Hence there is a mesh of ideas of foreign and domestic which are relevant to the economy.”

Lagos State Commissioner of Health Prof. Akin Abayomi


While he acknowledged that our brilliant minds are leaving the shores of the country, they are as well eager to bring back the knowledge and experience gained in more advanced economies back to develop the country.

He harped on youths to look beyond the 4th industrial revolution as the 5th industrial revolution is close to a quarter.

According to him, moving with time means gearing up for the 5th industrial revolution.
He admonished the youth not to be overly dependent on what government or the society can do for them but on what they can do in return.

As a leading Pan-African venture, Adanian Labs has revolutionalised tech startups in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. Of such unique revolution is Afryrekod

AfyaRekod is a digital health data platform that focuses on the patient and allows health facilities to capture stores, and have real-time access and mobility of the patients health data. Developed as a patient-driven platform, the patient maintains the sovereign right of ownership to their health data.

This innovative venture allows unfettered but secures mobile access to a patient medical file records easily through a device.

Adanian Lab has a mission to create a borderless economy by helping tech startups grow into emerging technology markets.






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