French Film wins top prize at Venice Festival

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A French drama about illegal abortion in the1960s ,“Happening” (L’événement),won the Golden Lion award for best film at the Venice festival on Saturday.

The film set in France in 1963, directed by Audrey Diwan, wowed viewers on the Lido waterfront as it portrayed a young woman desperate to arrange a termination, at a time when it could mean a prison term or death, to continue with her studies.

“I did this film with anger, with desire, with my belly, my guts, my heart and my head,” a visibly moved Diwan told the audience, just as the debate about abortion rages again in the United States following new restrictions in Texas.

The awards ceremony wrapped up the 11-day movie marathon, with critics calling the line-up one of the best in years as many films had been held back because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Stars from far and wide turned out in mass on the Venice red carpet especially after last year’s subdued edition.



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