UK to continue Afghan evacuation despite Kabul airport explosions

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British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that Britain will continue its evacuation operation at the Kabul airport despite twin bombings there that reportedly have killed at least 60 people.

Two explosions took place at the Kabul airport on Thursday night, reportedly caused by suicide bombers. At least 60 people were killed and 140 others wounded in the explosions.

“I want to stress that this threat of a terrorist attack is one of the constraints that we’ve been operating under in Operation Pitting, in the big extraction that’s been going on, and we’ve been ready for it, we’ve been prepared for it.

“And I want to stress that we’re going to continue with that operation, we’re now coming towards the end of it, to the very end of it, in any event.

“Clearly, what this attack shows is the importance of continuing that work in as fast and as efficient manner as possible in the hours that remain to us, and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said.

Less than a week is left for the U.S led forces to evacuate from Afghanistan. During a Group of Seven (G7) virtual summit on Tuesday, Johnson and leaders of other U.S. allies failed to persuade U.S. President Joe Biden to extend the Aug. 31 evacuation deadline.

Johnson said earlier during the day that around 15,000 people, the overwhelming majority of those eligible to come to Britain — had been evacuated by the British troops.

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