Taliban fire shots to disperse Kabul protesters


Taliban fired in the air to disperse protesters in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Tuesday, as many people try to escape the gunfire. Although there were no immediate reports of injuries.

U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken said, the United States is in contact with about 100 Americans who have remained behind in Afghanistan and is working to make sure charter flights can leave safely.

Hundreds of men and women shouting slogans such as Long live the resistance and Death to Pakistan, marched in the streets to protest against the Taliban and what they called interference in Afghanistan’s affairs by neighbouring Pakistan.

One panic-stricken woman on the street says over sounds of gunfire said, “The Islamic government is shooting at our poor people.

“These people (Taliban) are very unjust, and they are not human at all.”

U.S led foreign forces evacuated about 124,000 foreigners and at-risk Afghans but tens of thousands who fear Taliban retribution were left behind.

Blinken said Taliban officials had told the United States they would let people with travel documents depart freely.

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